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We offer flexible and comprehensive Spanish funeral plans which will ensure that all costs are covered for your funeral service. Getting a prepaid plan will help you feel assured that your family will not be under any financial strain when it comes to paying for your funeral. A plan also means you can have peace of mind that everything has been organised in advance, so your loved ones do not have to make any difficult decisions. Whatever your price range may be, we can help you put together a plan that suits your individual budget and meets your needs.

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Spanish Funerals
Unlike the UK, the majority of crematoriums in Spain do not have chapels, so direct cremations are very common. 70% of funerals in Spain are direct cremations as this enables families to reflect on the life of their loved one whenever and wherever they would like to. The family can also say their personal farewells in the morgue.
Our plans can facilitate all sorts of funerals, from church services and burials to direct cremations. They start from €2,250. To find out more, contact us today.


Planning Ahead

Why Should I Get a Funeral Plan?

Funeral costs in Spain have risen 88% over the past decade. A major incentive to get a plan in place is that it will secure your funeral cost for even lower than the prices of today. Without a plan in place, you may not get access to assets until the costs of the funeral have been covered. In most instances, the funeral will not occur until the funeral director has received the full fee. This can result in expenses of keeping the deceased of between €150 and €200 a day.

With funerals having to take place within 48 hours of death in Spain, we know that it can be hard for the families of ex-pats situated in Spain. Of course, in many instances, family members wish to attend the funeral, though it can take time to make travel arrangements. If you choose one of our plans, we can intervene in this scenario and make sure that the morgue will allow additional time, so that the family of the deceased can go to the service. There is also plenty of paperwork that needs to be taken care of when a person passes away in Spain. Our plans will ensure all these documents are taken care of for you. 

Our funeral plans start from €2,350 and all plans apart from the direct cremation cover a minimum of 3 days in the mortuary.


Advanced Planning



Thinking Ahead


Considering the Future


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