Key facts

Information for you,
Section 1 - Who we are
1.1 Compare funerals Europe based 24 av. Paniagua Sotogrande,
Galerias Paniagua de local 30-31, San Roque, Cadiz 11310 CIF B72432206
is a trading style of Compare Funerals Ltd is situated 63 Fulford
Close, Bideford, England, EX39 4DX, Registration – 12998055.
1.2 We are a pre-paid funeral plan provider and are registered in
England and Wales under company number 12998055. Upon
successfully purchasing a funeral plan from us, you will receive your
plan agreement and pack. This will comprise of: Your Welcome letter,
A copy of your Terms and Conditions, your Plan Certificate, and your
Cancellation Form.
Section 2 – What is covered
2.1 All plans cover the cost of all necessary paperwork, including
death certificates in Spanish & International and Cremation
2.2 All plans cover, the cost of collection, care and preparation, coffin
and return of ashes and paperwork.
2.3 All plans cover Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and the UK.
2.4 Your plan ensures the Nominated Funeral Director which we aim
to do within 50km of your home residence. (Direct cremation plans
may be further afield). We will cover their costs either towards burial
or cremation at no further charge to you and as laid out in these
terms and conditions depending on your chosen plan.
2.5 Please visit the terms and condition specific to your chosen plan for
full details of what it covers. Some plans may include a religious service
or repatriation.
2.6 More than one person may be named on a single plan, the plan may also
be transferred to a 3rd party
2.7 All plans provide cards containing our emergency contact information.
These may be given to friends/family for when the time comes.
Section 3 – What is NOT covered
3.1 Burial Plot or Niche fees
3.2 Headstones
3.3 Recovery fee of body if it has been signed into the care of a
funeral director not authorized by Compare Funerals
3.4 The provision of a funeral on a weekend or public holiday or at
any unusual hour outside the normal course of business
3.5 Fees for an organist, special announcer, magician, musician, or
other entertainer of any kind
3.6 Fees for a funeral which is not a normal funeral service
Any service where there are extra charges to pay to specifically use
that venue
3.7 Utility costs for a service (extra heaters and/or generators and/or
gas), marquees, pop-up bars and/or novelty items or events
Balloons and Decorations
3.8 Changes to prices that may reflect any additional cost to us due
to changes in local laws or regulations
3.9 Any other service or facility which would not normally be included
in a normal funeral
3.10 Fees for a military gun salute, a military funeral, the hiring or
purchasing of animals (including but not limited to doves and owls)
Refunds for lost time or financial burden because of a late funeral or
late proceedings
Section 4 – Payment options
4.1 Pay in full,
4.1.2 The plan is in force immediately
4.2 Spread the payments
4.2.2 Up to 5 years interest free, monthly payments will come from
the same card as the initial payment
4.2.3 If there is any outstanding balance when the client passes, the
family will have a choice; Clear the remaining balance or we will
refund what has been paid minus cancellation fee.
4.2.4 You can pay off lump sums or clear the balance early at any
time without penalty.
4.3 Clients may also lock in the price of their funeral for €500. The
outstanding balance will be due on or before death.
Section 5 – Cancellation
5.1 Notify us in writing by contacting:
5.1.2 Fill out the cancellation form that came with your Plan
documentation and returning it via recorded delivery, to us at:
Compare Funerals
24 av. Paniagua Sotogrande
Galerias Paniagua de local 30-31
San roque, Cadiz 11310
5.2 If you decide to cancel by email, please ensure that you let us
have as much information as possible to avoid any potential delays.
This will include the plan holder’s date of birth, plan number (found
within your plan documentation and in your welcome email) and any
contact details necessary lest we need to verify any details with
5.3 If you decide to cancel within 14 days of receiving your pack, then
Compare Funerals will refund your plan money in full without
deduction of any fees. If you cancel after the 14-day period has
lapsed, Compare Funerals will refund your money less a €500
administration charge.
5.4 All refunds will be made within 30 days and must be directly to
the plan- holder or the plan holder’s estate
5.5 If the amount paid to Compare Funerals is less than the
administration/ cancellation charge upon cancellation, then you will
be liable for settling the balance between yourself and Compare
5.5.1 If you decide to cancel and the amount that you have paid to us
is less than our cancellation fee, then, we will not be able to issue
you with a refund for any monies and will be under no obligation to
fulfil your plan. Our cancellation fee is €500 in this instance
5.6 If you do not cancel the plan within the 14-day reflection period it
will be Implied you agree to all terms
Section 6 – Complaints
6.1 We make every effort to excel in the service we provide. However,
if you feel we have not met your expectations, please contact our
Client Relations Department who will acknowledge your complaint
within 7 working days and will do their utmost to ensure any issue is
dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our Client Relations
Department can be contacted as follows:
• Address: Client Relations Department,
• Compare Funerals
24 av. paniagua Sotogrande
Galerias Paniagua de local 30-31
san roque, cadiz 11310
• Telephone: +34911436813
• Email:
Section 7 – Further questions
7.1 Our FAQ page is found at
7.2 Call us on +34911436813
7.3 Email: